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 Detective Agency "Conrad"

        Detective Agency "Private detective Kiev" investigates how in Kiev, and in the territory of Ukraine and the world.

 Detectives our agency are members of the International Police Association (IPA).





Detective agency in Ukraine "Kiev Private Detective" - a team of professionals for whom their work - it's a big responsibility for you.

Each best private detective of our agency is a member of the International Police Association (IPA).

We are working on the territory of Kiev, Kiev region, as well as on the territory of Ukraine in any area of our private detectives can successfully carry out its activities, with well-established business relations in Europe, Latin America, Australia and Asia. Our experts communicate remotely with detective agencies in these countries, and solve many issues promptly. If necessary, they can go on a business trip to these countries.

As part of our detective agency in Ukraine highly qualified specialists, this private detectives and criminalists, and graphology, and experts. They are not only experts at the highest level, with extensive practical experience, they are very responsive, decent and honest people. Any your problem taken them to heart, and will be made every effort to find a solution to any of the most difficult situation. After all, the profession of private detective in Ukraine seems interesting and mysterious, thanks masterpieces of cinema. In fact - it is a heavy and hard work, and often - and life-threatening.

However, you can be sure to hire a private investigator decided that we will do everything for your safety and the safety of your loved ones. For you, we are ready to provide the following services:

1. search for missing persons ;

2 . collection of information and background checks of persons of interest to you ;

3 . criminal investigations , search of witnesses;

4 . ensuring the safety of your business;

5 . ensuring your safety ;

6. check your children's life ;

7. conducting various examinations;

8. establishment of adultery ;

9. investigation of cyber crime ;

10 . cargo security ;

11. service reservoirs.

This is a small extract from all the services that you can provide our private detectives inexpensive. To find out more, you need to tell us about your problem, contact us when you decide to hire a private investigator. You can call us or write to e-mail. You will be contacted quickly and advise on how you can help you and which services you can order from us to solve their problems.

From our side we guarantee your privacy, all information that you can share with us will remain confidential. You can trust us more than the doctor. After all, the confidentiality of information for our private detective, inexpensive services that you can use right now, it is a matter of honor and professional ethics. If you contact us with any problem, we will make every effort to help you. However - this does not mean that we can do the impossible. Every client we inform about the future in solving its problems. Our motto, which we adhere to in the work: "better to do than to promise."

However, referring to our agency "Private Detective Kiev," we can be sure that everything will be done to help you most effectively, quickly and accurately.


Detective agency "Private detective Kiev"
Turning to us, you should know that we will make every effort and use all our professional expertise to help you. However, we do not make empty promises to its customers, you are sure to be counseled about the prospects of your business. Working with our customers, we are committed to maintaining privacy. You can contact us incognito.
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I did not think that in such a matter as investing can help detectives. But, contacted the agency "Private detective Kiev" and asked to gather information about a company. It turned out that it was losing money. Thank you so much, I wanted to put there quite a large sum.

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I wanted to find a classmate with whom we parted ways after graduation. The fate of us

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I turned to the detective agency to help me understand and find the desired data. At the time, I was unable to understand that a large flow of information, which had fallen on me. Specialists have helped unravel this ball of yarn and draw the right conclusions on the information they found. This agency has professional analysts who correctly informed…

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Thank you, detective, that helped me to find my destiny. Went to Kiev for a holiday town and

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Eric Svensson

I applied to this agency to find contact information, e-mail / mobile / Facebook / other ways of communicating with a particular woman in Kiev. I just knew her name and had some photos.
I realized that it would be difficult to find her with these few conclusions, but they told me that it would be possible.
After several weeks of work,…

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To expose a man of treason

Nothing can resist the woman's intuition. The fairer sex and themselves often do not understand how they know this or that information. Therefore, if it is suspected that her betrothed or husband has the legal changes, it is likely because it is. But for some follow-up actions, such as a divorce, need facts and confirm the suspicion. This is where the question arises as to expose a man of treason.

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Expose Woman or wife of infidelity

How to expose his wife of infidelity? This question arises every man who begins to suspect a soul mate of infidelity. And one does have some justification for this, but just do not have enough evidence to file for divorce. But others simply guided by their emotions and feelings.

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Video surveillance of the object

The work of each person - is his second home, where he spends most time. But it is still a mother and child, which must be protected, both from external and internal enemies of what surveillance is very useful for office managers and owners of their own companies.

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