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Reviews of Private Detective detective agency in Kiev

The fact that our detective agency in Kiev provides services at the highest professional level and values not only his reputation, but the reputation of their clients will tell you the best reviews of private detectives Kiev.

For the time of our work was not even a single customer who would remained dissatisfied with the result. But you had better reviews of detective agency to personally draw conclusions about our work.


Radchenko Bogdan Olegovich

 Appealed to this detective agency on one issue that requires a solution. This question helped to solve, for which I am very grateful.

Radchenko Bogdan Olegovich, +380968455798

Novak Andrey, Kiev

I had to solve one question - to put it this way, to establish relations with a person on behalf of one company. (Previously, one of the company's employees did very wrong in relation to this person and spoiled the business relationship between him and the company). The person did not go to contact via e-mail. So I decided to find his phone number to call. First I asked my colleague, who supposedly "decides" the questions with his words. I waited a month. No results. Found in an Internet this company detective agency "Private Detective Kiev", about which I am writing a review. I wrote them in the feedback form, left skype. They contacted me. And we closed my question in 2 days. Then they asked me to write a review. I wrote. Here he is. And I, honestly, do not even remember the site. And this is not important. The guys are in touch on Skype, it suits me. Communication with them via Skype ki.detective At the request of Yuri, I leave my Skype: live: andreynovakfx If anyone doubts that I'm a living person - write to me in Skype, just do not be a nightmare. If you are viewing this review, I did not post it on the site. It was placed with my permission. I wrote it in this company's skype


Alexander Bondar, https://www.facebook.com/alexandr.bondar.7923, AlexanderBondar-Kiev@yandex.ru

I contact the experts of the detective agency to find a beautiful girl, who lives not far from me, but I could not find it on the area to live (it was only a few photos), - to give her a bouquet of flowers. Very quickly I received the necessary information, some of which were publicly available on the Internet, but also had a lot of information that can not be found independently. For professionals, it was not difficult, although more expensive, and it was for them in time.

I am sure, or at least very much hope that this case is a romantic search of his destiny, much would change my life for the better. I think that the services of detective agencies have a very high value in general, and especially in some specific cases. Just make sure all people have to use these services only with good intentions! I wish you all success in your search!


Svetlana O. and Yuri Pavlovich

We have asked the Agency to find witnesses to an accident. We are involved in an accident caused by the driver's Audi. Our car was not insured, and we long to be repaired, as the repair there was very expensive. After we contacted the agency "Private detective Kiev" were found witnesses to an accident in a week, and then blame the incident. Thank detective agency workers who helped to prosecute the offender.


Met a guy on the Internet. We chatted with him for a long time, living in different cities. And then, finally, agreed to meet, he had come on business. I was very afraid of this meeting, because often there are cases when a person pretends to be on the internet for someone. I was advised to contact a friend in a detective agency. I found a "private detective Kiev" and asked to collect information about my acquaintance. It turned out nothing suspicious and the bad of it was found. I was relieved to heart went out on a date. Razvirtualizatsiya successful, we now have no doubt in each other and decided to meet more often.


Bought an apartment and asked the detective agency to check it. It was found that for good reason, this apartment sold crooks. If I bought it, it would have lost money and an apartment, and because the apartment had been prescribed minor children, and in the sale documents were not. Subsequently, the transaction could be invalidated. Thanks to the staff of detective agency, which helped to clarify and prompted to do. I think that I still turn to them for help, as the apartment I have not bought


I ordered a detective agency "Private detective Kiev" check to wiretap his car. Grateful to them for having found a "bug", but it is not known how events would have unfolded further.

Anton Vasilyevich.

Turned to the detective agency in a very delicate matter. We had to prove my paternity, had to do it quickly, because the court had only three weeks. Through participation detective agency failed to expertise in just two weeks, my paternity legally confirmed. Now I know what my child. We thank the staff detective agency "Private detective Kyiv". "


Our company was invited to a mutually beneficial merger with one of the competing firms. Before you sign a contract, we have turned to the detective agency private detective Kiev "with a request to collect information on this company, get to know her past, present their plans for the future, information on directors and other important information. Once we had the information of interest to us, we signed a contract. Regret that we have not had to, we are very actively cooperating with the company, and things are going well. Therefore, we express gratitude to the staff of the agency. We think, if necessary, will refer to them as to proven professionals.


I wanted to find a classmate with whom we parted ways after graduation. The fate of us scattered around the world. While abroad, I could not imagine how I can find. And "walking about on the internet to" I stumbled, can accidentally, or maybe intuition told by a detective agency "Private detective Kiev". Contact by e-mail, I soon made ​​the order. With very little information about the man, I was hoping that my order will be executed. Just was struck by the fact that it was carried out, so much so quickly.


Suspected her husband of infidelity. Long doubted whether I refer to the detective agency, because he could not find out. But the specialists of "Detective Agency Kiev" have done very delicately, with me talking very sympathetic and sympathetic. After a while, all my doubts were dispelled, my husband is faithful to me, now I do not doubt it. Such a relief to my soul that I can trust him completely! Especially thank the detectives for being all done unbeknownst to him, and I was provided with evidence.


Thank you, detective, that helped me to find my destiny. Went to Kiev for a holiday town and saw "his girl." I met her, but we got lost in the crowd and I thought I'd never see her again. I just went crazy, I turned to the detective agency and helped me very quickly. Thank you, I have found my destiny, and no money for it not a pity.

Anton Sikorski

For a long time I was looking for his friend. My quest, though they gave some positive results, but the finish line I could not come up. I was advised to contact the detective agency. I hesitated a long time, is it worth paying the money, I thought some more, and I'll go out on his friend, but every time something prevented. On the Internet I found the agency "Private detective Kiev". Got on the phone and talked, mailed payment. Already during the conversation, I realized that the office is serious and I do not throw. But I did not expect that the work will be done so quickly on the information I give. Thanks, you saved me a lot of time, I met with a friend!


I turned to the detective agency to help me understand and find the desired data. At the time, I was unable to understand that a large flow of information, which had fallen on me. Specialists have helped unravel this ball of yarn and draw the right conclusions on the information they found. This agency has professional analysts who correctly informed me right I venture. I advise everyone to go for help only to professionals.


We turned to the "Private Detective Kiev" with a request to install video surveillance in our apartment. The fact that we have wasted money periodically. Babysitting we worked for a long time, and we could not have hurt his suspicion. Although it also happens that you trust the person, and he is not the man for he is. Well, it turned out that our Nanny wound boyfriend, who looked to her when we were not home. He then stole the money, and our nanny so naive that he did not suspect it. Here it happens. If not for a private detective agency, we would still not know whom to suspect.

Thank you for your help.


Conclude all agreements, after checking the partners. This detective agency did not fail once. I recommend!

Angelina Boyarova

Helped me a lot of experts detective agency "Private detective Kiev". My laptop has broken and I has lost all the important information that was on it. Experts from the detective agency is not just reinstall the operating system, as is common in these cases. At first, they regained all the information, then the operating system, as well as all of my accounting software. After that, they are very clearly explained to me what to do preventive maintenance on my laptop, so that in the future this does not happen. I am satisfied with the quality of work.


Thanks to the private detective agency for giving me the information promptly. To be honest, toy no longer hoped, as previously addressed in the two agencies and was told that they could not help me. I do not know how you did it, I will not ask, I understand - official secret. But thanks to your information that you have provided to me, I managed to find an even more important information for me. So, a big thank you, even if you need to - I will refer only to you.


Got in trouble at work is not their fault. I do not want here to describe what happened, that no one guessed. I want to thank composed for me an alibi. It was spotless and no one has cast doubt. Very high quality work, guys! Thank you very much. Sometimes the money in life play a lesser role is much worse to lose the good name. And sorry if you're in no way to blame.

Andrei Antonovich

Stolen cars. Unfortunately, the police could not find him. Then we turned to the agency "Private detective Crimea." And now we can not believe happiness! Our swallow returned to us! What to add? Of course, thank you!


I did not think that in such a matter as investing can help detectives. But, contacted the agency "Private detective Kiev" and asked to gather information about a company. It turned out that it was losing money. Thank you so much, I wanted to put there quite a large sum.


Thank specialist from the detective agency "Private detective Kiev", which gave me a picture to prove my husband's infidelity to me. Now I know my opponent in the face. While her husband did not say anything, I want to see how he will get out

Pavel Ivanov

I've been looking online detective agency, which would suit me. Called in many agencies, many did not like: the prices, terms, and their demands. It was only in the "Frequently detective Kiev" I went to a meeting, instantly responded and reacted with understanding to my situation. The required information was me giving me very quickly and at a normal price. Thank you for the help.


After many years, I wanted to find his girlfriend. She and I were in school, were thick as thieves. Then she and her parents went abroad, since communication was lost. I decided to go to the detective agency "Private detective Kiev," advised a colleague at work. And so, my dream came true, find contacts friends, and even in the neighboring country of Belarus. It was very nice to meet my dear man.


When we started to happen at work stealing, the director invited experts from the detective agency "Private detective Kiev", we were offered to pass a polygraph lie. I agreed, and now I know that in the eyes of our leader look like an honest man. Thanks agency for help, very important to me that I had been taken off suspicion.


Contact the detective agency had to bring out into my wife. My intuition has long told him that she made someone on the side. I was very surprised when I found out that her lover was my best friend. Though the truth is bitter, but it needs to know, so I am grateful to the detectives because they opened my eyes to the truth. Of course, I am divorced and lost a friend, but why such a friend to me.


I want to thank the employees of the detective agency found for mobile. It was a pity to lose all the valuable information on it, the base phone. It would be difficult to recover it all. It is not sorry for the money spent to pay for the cost of services of detectives. Believe me, it's worth it, given how quickly I found the phone.


I am very jealous and suspicious. So, perhaps, for a long time suffered from the fact that suspected his wife of infidelity. And that friend advised me to contact the detective agency "Private detective Kiev", which I do not regret Niskolechko. My doubts in a very short time, were scattered, and was relieved. Now, our relations have improved significantly with the wife, I began to pay more attention to it. Thank detectives.


For a long time I was searching for his brother, who had suddenly disappeared. The police could not help me. And so, he found a detective agency, has decided to address here, though hopes had been none. Much to my surprise, found it very quickly, although I gave minimal information about it. Many thanks to the detective agency workers, because I thought that his brother is dead.


I consider myself an honest person, but recently got into a pretty bad situation. No fault of their own. I work for a long time on one successful company, sick with all my heart for her. And when it was discovered that someone forged signature on an important document on my behalf, was very surprised, I would had never been staged. Thank you, detective agency "Private detective Kiev", which helped to establish the falsity of the signature and return my honest name.

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I wanted to find a classmate with whom we parted ways after graduation. The fate of us

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Contact the detective agency had to bring out into my wife. My intuition has long told him that she made someone on the side. I was very surprised when I found out that her lover was my best friend. Though the truth is bitter, but it needs to know, so I am grateful to the detectives because they opened my eyes to the truth. Of course, I am divorced…

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Angelina Boyarova

Helped me a lot of experts detective agency "Private detective Kiev". My laptop has broken

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We turned to the "Private Detective Kiev" with a request to install video surveillance in our apartment. The fact that…

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Got in trouble at work is not their fault. I do not want here to describe what happened, that no one…

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