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Fastov​Today many firms are positioning themselves as a company providing a full range of services at the highest level. But few where you can find a team of specialists who could take responsibility for the investigation of a crime, would be willing to analyze DNA would have a psychological and legal support, would realize detection infidelity husband or wife. And this is not the list of services that you can use in a detective agency "Private detective Kiev." 

Conduct polygraph tests 

If you are faced with deception in their professional life, and this is an extremely negative impact on the result, we have the perfect solution, which in some cases can become an indispensable tool and save you from undesired consequences. Use lie detector to be sure that recruit really reliable people who are willing to work and develop your team and not just want to get in the database, make information gathering and disappear in an unknown direction. Naturally, our staff will be able to organize a search of people who have committed such a crime. But it is much easier to prevent any problems, than to look for solutions. 

Polygraph testing is indispensable and in conducting investigations, during questioning of suspects and witnesses to the people. And even if you are accused of something you did not commit, then it can pass us a polygraph test and provide the results of the investigation of this work, in addition to this we have booked an independent investigation into the situation in which you find yourself. But it is necessary to take into account that we will not falsify the results and really defend guilty people. All activities of the detective agency in town Fastow is exclusively within the law. 

What to do in case of adultery husband or wife? 

Adultery has never been unusual for humanity, and today this problem is rather important families. But before you make any conclusions about what your significant other is cheating on you, we recommend that you book with us check on the loyalty and get your own compelling evidence suspicion. And only after that you will have every reason to file for divorce because of infidelity woman or a reason to pay attention to their relationship in the family, so that they are much better and stronger, even if you believe that your wife has a lover. 

It is not necessary to conduct an independent external monitoring of their husband or wife. Emotion you can make some mistakes and just give yourself. Entrust questions surveillance man true professionals who will provide you with the facts and does not cause absolutely no suspicions in your second ladles. 

If you are being followed spies 

Surveillance for human

As much as we sometimes do not want to remain in the shadows and do not let anyone in your life, sometimes it becomes a variety of reasons for the object photo-surveillance and other actions by various spyware. Basically fall under such a sight people who hold high positions, own their own business, doing creative work and known to a wide circle of people. To prevent entry of your privacy, we recommend that you use the services of a detective agency "Private detective Kiev" and order the check at the premises to identify listening devices that can be installed in your home, in the car, in the office, in a hotel room. Large long-term experience and the availability of professional equipment will allow you to find us quickly wiretapping mobile phones and quickly to search for bugs. And even if you already have antiproslushka, you should use our services. 

Is it possible to find a person by phone number 

If you can not establish a connection with your new friends or contacts lost all his old friends, our staff will help you set the address of a person by phone number or produce a search for people by name. We use our database to search for relatives, which helps us to quickly find the last name of almost any man. But in all such situations, individually and there are no guarantees. It all depends on the situation. Call us and we will discuss your problem in private.






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Detective agency "Private detective Kiev"
Turning to us, you should know that we will make every effort and use all our professional expertise to help you. However, we do not make empty promises to its customers, you are sure to be counseled about the prospects of your business. Working with our customers, we are committed to maintaining privacy. You can contact us incognito.
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Yuriy, +380963024489Your company, very much helped me to understand my situation !!! If necessary, I will contact. The work was done quickly and efficiently. Thank you very much!)


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